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Belgrade, Serbia

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2021 marks the second decade of existence for Two Desperados and the launch of our third game – MuffinVille. Player-centric, led by innovation and focused on technology, we explore the usage of artificial intelligence in the gaming industry. Innovation lies within the team and the knowledge of our employees is what powers change and enables us to create  different approaches in the gaming world. Well known for creating #1 marble shooter games – Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest – we’ve hit 30 million players worldwide.

Two Desperados is looking for an experienced Product Owner to join our team. We are looking for a key leader for our game. Someone who is able to understand our market, create a strategy for the product, define features and plan for a roadmap that is clearly communicated to our development team. Your vision and taste will be instrumental in aligning all team members. Having an analytical mindset will enable us to understand our customer deeply.  You will use these insights to guide you to create amazing products. In this role, your key metric will be your product performance—and we have high criteria, as our games are loved by millions of players already.  

Here’s what you will do: 

  • You will be responsible for laying out the  concept of  the game based on competitor analysis, player needs and industry trends; 
  • Creating the  strategy for the part of the product you are leading and prioritizing new functionalities;
  • Responsible for product lifecycle management, from conceptualization to shipping games to end users;
  • Managing user satisfaction with our games will be your key metric;
  • Leading by example, collaborative work on continuous improvement of functionalities with engineering, design and art teams;
  • Responsible for formulating and using key metrics in partnership with the UA team;
  • Flexible testing of product hypotheses, trend analysis, and understanding key success metrics;
  • Actively tracking what is happening in the gaming market, tuning into  new trends.

Desired skills and experience:

  • Previous experience in gaming  in the same or similar roles is a strong advantage;
  • Experience with seeing through a product/game from conception to release;
  • Experience in LiveOps;
  • Exceptional knowledge of the FTP/Casual games market and an avid game player;
  • Outstanding communication skills;
  • Ability to keep focus on goals, while maintaining an amazing atmosphere with the team.


  • Familiarity with and passionate about casual game trends on the market.

We are committed to developing and nurturing great teams, believing that they drive the creation of amazing games. Led and inspired by our shared thirst for both knowledge and challenging each other, we are dedicated to pushing the  boundaries of entertainment and offering the opportunity to support you in expanding your creative capabilities. Join our team as we are entering exciting times of growth. 

Send your CV and support us in creating entertaining moments and memorable experiences for millions of our players worldwide!

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