Game Producer

Beograd, Serbia

Join our mission to create the best casual games for our players!

We are looking for an efficient Game Producer to be the crucial link between our game’s ambitious vision and all the work that goes into making it a reality. From start to finish, you will work together with the team on producing games our players will be excited about. 


  • You love games.
  • You see how things can get done more efficiently and systematically. 
  • You thrive on making and executing plans - you like to see the results of your work.
  • You are data driven and have an analytical mind.
  • This doesn’t mean you’re not flexible - changes don’t scare you. You navigate them.
  • You are honest and transparent. You’re a good listener and even better translator.
  • You’re great at guiding your team towards achieving the common goal. You do your best to set an example to others.  
  • You understand the importance of partnerships with other teams.
  • You see what’s wrong and you do something about it.
  • You want to craft your role and leave your mark on the games.


We’re an ambitious team of game developers behind two successful casual mobile games with 30 million players worldwide. We are expanding our portfolio with a new kind of casual game and working on exciting ideas. Apart from games, we focus on AI in the gaming industry and the possibilities for its application. Also, we’re a growing independent gaming company in Serbia, which basically means we drive our own decisions and we’re currently at 70 employees. 


  • The autonomy and freedom only a fully independent game studio can provide.
  • A safe space for your creativity and testing out ideas - we don't fear mistakes, we learn from them!
  • A team of passionate people who you can depend on and who will always be the wind in your back, helping you excel.
  • Learning opportunities around every corner!

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Game Producer

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